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As the name suggests itself, the brand’s name comes from the popular fruit called Kiwano.

Kiwano is the fruit known for its beauty, vibrant, fresh colors and health benefits. Similarly, our brand Kiwano, a ready to wear brand for women offers beautiful and colorful clothing.

The idea behind the brand was to break the monotony and bring some fun and excitement to the daily wear for women, something which they look forward to wear each day.

Who says your daily wardrobe has to be boring, dull and unexciting?

Kiwano is a brand whose sole vision is to make women appear their best in everyday life so that they feel more empowered and confident in their day to day interactions.

Kiwano is specifically designed keeping young women in mind to make them feel beautiful, confident yet comfortable in their daily life routine.

Kiwano is an all occasion brand. It not only caters to casual daily wear, but also offer a variety of colors, cuts and prints that can be worn by young girls at casual outings, hang outs and can even be worn at formal gatherings.

You inspire us and so we craft designs for you that can make you appear class apart from the crowd and get you the limelight you deserve. The elegance and panache of our clothes is simply breath taking.

Kiwano believes in bringing the best out of you. For us, it is all about your satisfaction.

From summer color palettes to dark winter colors, we have every season covered for you under one roof so that you feel elated and bracing yourself in style.

What makes our brand worth buying?

The market is full of brands that boasts of high quality standards and design beautiful looks, no doubt they look stunning. Kiwano clothes are designed keeping in mind your comfort along with style and grace. Cloths are designed that are fun to wear and makes customer feel very light and trendy that our customers can wear in their daily like routine, going to university or even at gatherings with friends and family.

Our clothes are trendy, fun to wear and comfortable

So, with that idea in mind kiwano set out to design clothes that not just look contemporary, but stylish, trendy, easy to carry and extremely comfortable to wear.

We don’t comprise on cultural values

Now you can carry both beauty and style together; transforming fashion and incorporating cultural values into the designs and ideas. We make sure that we drape you in style and in clothing that represents your taste and ethnic tilt in the society.

Colors and contemporary cuts sets us apart

The beauty of our dresses is in the colors and the contemporary cuts that are chic, yet simple and extremely eye-catching.

We are a caring brand

We care for your needs and comfort more than yourself, we know how cringy you can feel when you don’t get value for the money you spent and hence we offer value for your hard earned money.

We never compromise on quality

We don’t compromise on the quality of our products, and we strictly maintain high standards. May it be teenagers or middle aged women we have something that can click to every woman’s hearts and minds.

Epitome of decency

Uplifted persona and mystifying beauty is what everyone aims for, only we will make it possible for you. No woman denies the fact that she wants to get noticed and when you are looking for the brand that does that for you, you can definitely count on us. 

We make your life hassle free

Why would you want to buy our prêt?  Let’s face it. In this fast paced life where most of us are busy in our jobs or setting up our businesses, who has the time to go to the market and roam around for our desired choice of fabric, then flip through countless magazines to choose a design, then, get it embroidered and finally take it to the tailor just to learn that it can’t be done in the timeframe you need it. Now who has time to face that rejection?

When you are a working woman you need quick and definite/hassle free fashion at your fingertips. It is not about even being trendy all the time it is all about time. And time is money. If 90% of women in Pakistan start working, who will have time to get the clothes stitched? Who has the time to run after the tailors, requesting and begging them to not delay that one dress you sweat so much deciding the final look for so that you can flaunt it on your special occasion? That’s when our brand comes in handy. We are time-bound even in our alterations.


Feel different with our wide range of variety


We have different collection for every season for instance in summers cotton lawn and high quality lawn is used. Our collection mostly involves tops, kurtas and few pair of shirts. Our collection offer different styles and design comprises of screen printing, digital printing, high density printing, hand embroidery and machine embroidery.

Our basic collection contains kurtas from basic to the tops and shirts.We keep ourselves updated with industry trends to provide you the best color combination possible and running in the market funky side and can be paired with trousers, jeans or tights etc. These tops, if you want to wear with jeans can be worn casually or can be paired with pants in case of formal settings.

It’s all about colors

Colors play a major part of work. Our brand’s color selection is done very thoughtfully as colors have a great impact.

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